Sony Exmor APS HD CMOS

Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor

In recent years, with growing interest in small HD-resolution camcorders, there has been significant development of CMOS sensors which are low power consumption devices with high-speed image readout capabilities. In the field of security surveillance, this development is accompanied by the increasing prevalence of IP networking, which in turn builds demand for HD resolution, as the digital of the network surveillance camera signal does not depend on a conventional TV format.

Because of these growing needs, Sony has amassed its image quality knowledge accumulated in CCDs, and dedicated this to creating new, more advantageous high- speed, high-resolution CMOS sensors. The result is a CMOS sensor with an entirely new structure: the “Exmor”.

Both CCD and CMOS sensors have the same part that converts light into electricity (a key element of image quality). With the “Exmor”, however, Sony uses high image quality pixel technology accumulated in CCD development to enlarge as much as possible the light-receiving section of the photodiode.

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