Digital SRL 101

The very same can be real when purchasing your very first digital SLR camera. We will certainly attempt in this article to help you along with some of the lingo and show you what to look for when buying a digital camera.


The idea behind this figure is the number of pixels that the cam has to take an image with. If you buy a DSLR camera that has a resolution of 14 Megapixels, photos that you take with that camera will certainly be able to take images made up of 14 million pixels.

Then the megapixel rating of your camera can be really essential to you, if you often print out your images on your PC or have them sent away to be printed. Higher megapixels on your camera will certainly permit you to make prints larger in size while still keeping the quality. If you attempt to print a picture too huge than what you camera was designed for then the image dramatically loses quality.

The last thing to learn about megapixels is the greater the resolution you take images in the even more area on your memory card will certainly be taken up. An image taken on a 14 megapixel camera will certainly need two times as much space on a memory card as an image taken on a 7 megapixel camera. Make certain if you want quality pictures have enough memory on your camera to back it up., Either that or have spare media cards to plug in once your area has been consumed.

Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

When you are purchasing a camera you will certainly desire some sort of zoom function to take those in the range shots, no doubt. This is a frustrating location for some first time buyers. There are 2 kinds of zoom on the marketplace for digital cameras. Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom. The only one that actually matters is Optical zoom, this is true a real zoom feature that brings the items closer to you using the optics of the electronic camera. Digital Zoom resembles using the zoom feature on an image modifying software package. It increases the size of an area of the image so it appears its closer to you. Most of the DSLR do not include Digital Zoom due to the fact the quality is not great and with a DSLR you can change the lenses to get more zoom.

Anything you can do with digital zoom you can do with a picture modifying bundle so don’t sprinkle too much money on a camera with digital zoom only. Sometimes you will also so “total zoom” advertised this indicates the number that is quoted here is the optical zooms magnification added to the digital zooms magnification. Try to find out the magnification level of the optical zoom alone for the true value of the camera.

Aperture Size

We could be going a little additional right here than some of you would like to care about but bear with us as the aperture size can make a big impact on your pictures. When your picture is taken, the size of the aperture determines precisely how much light is let into the video camera. Think of the aperture like the iris of your eye. No big deal you may thought, however having more light enables you take much better pictures in a range of lighting condition, cloudy days is a perfect example.
With a large adequate aperture you would be less most likely to need the flash, personally I don’t prefer to make use of the flash feature, the synthetic flash of light does not always do justice to the image you are trying to take. Effects like red eye are also usual.

Shutter Speed

The thing to look for when buying a suitable digital electronic camera in terms of shutter speeds is the broadest variety you can find. Combined with a pro-active aperture the shutter speed can make pictures come to life or freeze images in an instant.

When you want to take moving items precisely how they look as if they were still, this method is terrific. Setting the shutter speed on a slower setting provides more exposure to the CCD (charge combined device – the digital equivalent of film). The result is that the picture almost appears to run. Moving objects are somewhat blurred. You may believe this is a bad thing however take an example of running water leaving the shutter speed on for longer will soften the image creating a pleasing image to the eye much like the way a waterfall appears in genuine life.

You can take digital photography to the severe with a camera that has a really broad variety of shutter speeds. With an incredibly slow shutter speed, you can have a long exposure of light to the CCD and hence receive like the famous traffic scenes where the headlights blend into each other into a constant stream.

Storage Media

Memory Card for DSLR

Digital Cameras come with a slot for a variety of memory cards. Check when you buy your cam what type of storage media it requires. There are several popular types consisting of Smart Media, Compact Flash and xD Photo Cards.

The size of the media card you choose depends on your budget but get as much as you can afford. More memory means that you don’t have to change media cards, and you will be able to take pictures in the highest quality all the time. You will soon learn the benefits of having plenty storage space when you start to use your camera regularly.

The good thing about video cameras media is that its just like a movie if you do go out you can simply place another one if you have one with you. It can be a bit of a discomfort when downloading your pictures to your PC however much less even more of a discomfort than having to delete some photo because you have run of space on your media card.